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Award winning DJs, Event Host, MCs, & Entertainers Playing: Top 40s, Hip-Hop, Latin, Rock, Country, R&B, Pop, House, EDM, Disco, Oldies, Classical, and more.

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Paint your venue with a color of your choosing. Turn bland walls or columns into something fabulous. Synchronized to music.


Amaze your guests, with this stunning visual effect. Project your name(s), image, or logo on your dance floor or walls.

Mirror Me Photo Booth 1.png

Mirro Me Photo Booth

Dancing On a Cloud

Cover your dance floor with a beautiful low laying puffy white cloud for your special dance or performances.

HD Content Displays

Provide your friends and family a stunning visual experience. Share your memories (Pictures & Videos) on a Large HD Display.

Enjoy an amazing experience with the interactive Mirror Me Photo Booth. Have your images instantly text or email to you on your mobile device. 

Luxury Events Ent.

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